"Working with Katie was an excellent decision. Her insights into where I was struggling and why, as well as the targeted advice and skill-building activities she offered, helped me to brush the cobwebs off of my interpreting skills and build my confidence as an interpreting professional.

"What set Katie apart was her combined focus on technical skill-building with encouragement and support. Her ability to notice when it was a technical problem and when it was, for example, a confidence issue, made me feel very secure in getting mentoring from her. The way she approached the task of helping me construct a deliberate practice routine that would help me skill-wise while also making sure I didn't get in my own way confidence-wise was game changing.

Beyond her knowledge-base related to linguistics and interpreting as well as her thoughtful mentorship, she's also incredibly fun and the perfect mentor for any nerdy linguistics enthusiasts!"

Self Talk for interpreters: Succeed without the Suck

Weren't able to make it to the workshop in April?
No worries! There's a 4 hour version coming up soon

Coming Soon: Self Talk for interpreters:
Succeed without the Suck

Earn .4 PS CEUs from home
August 6th, 12-4pm EST

Do you have an inner mean girl? Or a committee in your head evaluating your every sign, critiquing your every word while you are interpreting? Come and learn about what's going on in our heads, what we can do to calm the waters, and how to create positive feedback communities and just plain feel better about our jobs and why we do it! Katie is an interpreter, interpreter educator, linguist, and all-around giant nerd who loves helping other interpreters see themselves as human, valuable, and worthy of care, all while also doing a kick-ass job.

Contact Katie for more information, and to be updated as soon as registration is available!


Interested in fascinating tidbits about the quirks of English and how they impact our ability to interpret into ASL accurately? Looking for random language facts that will in no way impress strangers at a cocktail party? Or just need .1 PS CEUs and you don't care what topic they are in?!? Look no further than the incredibly esoteric series of English quirks that ASL Village has developed!

The first in the series, "Two-Faced Contranyms", focuses on words that are their own opposites, such as "dust" which has the opposite meaning in "dust a shelf" vs "dust for fingerprints" Are your actions "punished" or "pardoned" when they are "sanctioned"?

This series is composed of ASL videos and written English examples with comprehension
quizzes along the way to help you apply what you're learning.
Sign up at to see a sample lesson, and get ready to start earning CEUs
for something that will feel like it happens everywhere once you know what it's called!

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