Essential Worker – Coming Home

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White woman with salt and pepper asymmetrical hair signs outside. She is wearing a short-sleeved black shirt and is framed from the waist up. There is a clear blue sky, a fence running at a diagonal behind her, and a small garden in the distance.

In this final sample video, I want to run through what the process is for going back home again is like as far as planning and execution.

One thing I did forget to mention in the first video is that I have been wearing the same shoes to work for the last two months. Can you believe it? The reason I do this is to make sure that I am limiting the exposure of potential dirt and germs coming in the house attached to the bottom of my shoes.

Once I arrive at home, I gather my few belongings - the five or six things I mentioned in the last video - and the instant I walk through the door, my shoes come off. I leave them just inside the door because I don’t want to track any germs in the house through anything picked up on the soles.

The way our house is built, as soon as you walk in and take off your shoes on the landing, there are a few short steps up into the kitchen where I drop off my few items in the sink. I wash off my items using a cleaner, and put any dishes immediately into the dishwasher. I then head down to the basement to our laundry. It’s time for everything to go in the washer. (Oops - forget to mention that my watch goes into the sink as part of the items when I get back home.) Everything goes straight into the washer. This happens whether it gets run right away or not, so the clothes don’t contaminate any other items in a laundry basket.

After this, I head upstairs - after making sure all the blinds are closed so no one sees me running through the house - and I jump in the shower. I wash from head to toe instead of just rinsing off, and change into fresh clothes for the evening. (English add - Let’s be honest here - I’m talking PJs 99% of the time at home.) This helps me to be sure that anything that has had contact with the outside world has minimal contact inside my home with other items. Plus, this makes it easy to scrub any items I had with me throughout the day before I hang my keys back up, etc. I may just keep small items locked up in the garage to minimize movement of them.

This is how I try to keep myself clean and my family safe. One final word of caution, I have not currently been working in the hospitals yet. So if you’re working in a hospital, it may be different for you based on your situation, limitations and requirements for where you are as far as your “returning to home” procedures. However, for my situation, this is what I feel comfortable doing. This is what works for me. Thank you for watching. I hope that you have learned something and I look forward to discussing how to keep yourself and your family safe. Thank you for watching, and see you next time!

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