Prep is Prep

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Good morning! It feels like 4am but it is actually 10am here and our flight just came in to Paris, France! I am on pins and needles for the WASLI conference next week. In the meantime, it struck me that preparing for a flight had a lot in common with preparing for an assignment. It's critical to know where you are going, including check in, security, what you can and can't enter with, and then alternating periods of hurrying up just to wait again.

However, the most crucial aspect of both of these happens through pre-planning. You must consider a number of things, such as what to wear including layers for a range of temperatures. You also have to know about the logistics for things that you will need access to, like the bathroom, water fountains, etc. You have to keep your eyes peeled and be aware of your surroundings in an airport and a new interpreting assignment in much the same way. How interesting!

I just wanted to share that food for thought. Take care! Bye!

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