Terp Tip #2 Finding a peaceful place in the midst of chaos

Visual Description: A caucasian woman with a salt and pepper asymmetrical haircut addresses the camera in ASL. She has sunglasses in her hair and is signing one-handed while holding the camera. There are wood chip trails and large bushes and trees in a local park surrounding her.

Transcript/Interpretation: This is a Terp Tip for everyday living. As interpreters, we often find ourselves at the mercy of other people for where we are working day to day. Although we have access to many environments, it is not typically solely our decision for where we will be able to work. Our work depends on people’s personal lives, work schedules, and even hospitalizations. It’s typically not just a matter of deciding on a favorite location and returning to the same spot on a daily basis. However, the part that we do have control over is what we do outside of working hours.

I just completed an assignment in a large and crowded metropolitan area teeming with people. I don’t know if you are like me, but I can get a bit overwhelmed in so much noise and chaos. What I decided to do was to look for a local park after work. This place is gorgeous. I can only see one other person walking the trails, but otherwise, I am surrounded by trees and lovely and interesting flowers (points to flower in the background) and I LOVE this. It means so much to me.

I feel a sense of calm wash over me. All the madness and running around of the day no longer has a hold on me and I am able to let the rest of it go. This is my decision. This is my place to be surrounded by greenery in this lovely location, despite the bugs that like it too! It’s crucial as interpreters to look for opportunities to be in nature and breathe in that beauty and serenity. Other people’s comments or negativity have no place here. This is a beautiful day! Take care of yourself and bye for now!

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